Why Did I Quit Job Will Change Your Life

It was a matter of time, once we were friends from Orkut. His name is Snehasish. We used to chit chat over the phone. We had a search to find new friends.

The best part was that we had the search from the bottom of our heart. It was our passion.
Earlier I used to write in my curriculum vitae my hobby is making new friends, chatting on social networks.

That was the time when I did not have much money to spend as mobile balance. When my friend used to call me I somehow after talking for a while used to say that I was busy. And only a few times I used to call him. Once he told me that I do remain busy all the time.


I still remember that. At that moment I repeated, “one day I will have enough time, that day you will not even be able to pick up my phone call.”


I remember those days feelings, the spirit in myself till date. I do remember the positive vibes that used to come out of my voice as I was visualizing my path in which I was walking. I was able to visualize the reality of the vision that I had. I had a thirst to have time freedom and money freedom at the same time.

That was nothing else but the journey towards passive income, towards entrepreneurship. I gave my full attention, I gave my 100 percent, I gave my relaxed focus to learn that entrepreneurial path.
I came to know from the industry leaders what was the meaning of entrepreneurs. The right balance between time and money, which are the only things lacking in any job holder.

And the most scared moment is that the visualization of a jobholder to be without his job.





Here I would like to warn you that I am not underestimating job and you should also never underestimate the power of it. I also started my career with a job. Even a job through the help of a consultancy. And that became the U-turn of my life.

When Life gives you a U-Turn

Moments of U-Turn

I knew what is entrepreneurship, what is the lifestyle of an entrepreneur, I knew what is Passive Income. But somehow I was stuck doing nothing at that point in time.

I started to read worlds best books, the books out of the best sellers’ list. Here I am talking about one of the most successful books in my life and that is none other than the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad“.

It was in my mind for a very long time. The day I bought it from Amazon and started to read it I realized the importance of the book. The way I was going through the chapters of the book step by step I got the ultimate push which could ever happen to quit the job. After reading the book I came to know why to quit my job.



What is the most important thing that I learned in this book that helped me find the right balance between Work and Life?


The most important thing that I learned from this book is that when you do any work you should not do it for working only. Rather you should give your more focus to learn how to do that work. So learning is necessary. In every aspect of life, you will find that learning is the fundamental base of any kind of great work.

Know more about the book and the lessons that the great writer, Robert T. Kiyosaki has taught in his book. Here is the link to buy it from Amazon.


The final decision came in the form of a gift. That is to quit my job as an SEC (Samsung Experienced Consultant) in industry leader, Samsung Electronics India Pvt Ltd in mobile sales. People in the same industry often dream to have a job in Samsung.

I quit the job in Samsung and decided to live my life from the passive income source only. My friends and colleagues asked me the question why are you quitting the job? Many asked the same question will you get any job matching the same salary? They knew my answer had to be no.

Some of my very good friends suggested me only to leave the job when getting hike about 20-30% in salary. The store manager in which I was working also helped me to give me the highest push. I still remember our conversation when he mentioned that I know many ways about how to earn money.

It will be better to say how to create wealth. On that day I sketched out the inner potential of mine. I realized the thunder of my soul. I uttered the words to myself whether anyone else could do it or not, that is not the big thing. The big thing is I can do it.



Situation Changed:

Whatever was the situation I had a constant focus on long-term gain and my friend also had a very good base. He got the gut to leave different different Govt. jobs and crack another one. The big thing is not that.
The big situation change is that I get unlimited time to call him now over the phone but he says that he is busy. He will have to secure good marks to qualify in the next exam. And even when he cracked the job he used to remain busy with office tasks and will be in the same scenario even after getting a new job.
Now only a few times we talk over phone calls and few times get connected via Facebook due to lack of time.



I call it how to create Passive Income source while doing a job and wait for the right moment. Quit your job permanently only when you can live your life out of your own Business or Passive Income. Rather better to call it Residual Income.


Even think again, Is it a right moment?


One small suggestion. That is not to quit your job until your passive income is equal to or greater than your present salary for at least 6 months along with the running job. One final thought of mine is to quit your current job only when you get a meaning to live your life of your own Big Dreams.



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First of all, I let you know that we are in a way to the financial jungle. The financial goal is a very important destiny of everyone’s life. I am in a process of making passive income for youth and old generation.




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