ABOUT SketchMeOut :

It’s all about some hidden talent and thoughts, the talent that is hidden and the thoughts that is yet to show its true potential. Everyone has the power to give his hidden talent or thought or capabilities wings to fly.

They are yet blossoms. If they nurture their hidden talents and thoughts to the fullest potential the day is not so far when their thoughts will be fulfilled with their colourful dream life. And that will change the life of many young individuals, that will help them thrive in their life and thus we all will be able to create a win win situation for all.

It has been found that people after starting their adventurous life or after starting their way towards innovations gets stumbles so many times and somewhere at some point they get stuck totally or they somehow starts to lose their spirit to achieve their goals in life just after facing some common challenges and failures.

In such a scenario they need kind of support which will help them know their mistakes and bridge the gap in between mistakes and the system that produces effective results.

It is a step where they need a mentor who has walked the same way and failed and all those failures helped him to make the stairs of success and who knows that it is a right track for very bright career and possess the mindset to overcome all the challenges in the path.

SketchMeOut (SMO) is that the junction, it is that the linker, it is that the bigger problem’s solution provider. Meanwhile this will empower the unborn thoughts in young individual who has started to dream big without any platform to achieve it.

SketchMeOut deals with all those fully dedicated and determined people who want to fulfil their dreams in life it can be anything like live your own life without daily job and orders of office bosses, become entrepreneur, to earn dream money to have dream world tour.

At last but not the least, contribute your valuable time with your family and friends and feel the happiness, earn passive income from online marketing without quitting your full time job, give some extra boost to your pocket money and doing so live every moment of your life to the fullest that you can.

SMO will help you to connect the way and most importantly will help you to take the first step to overcome the invisible wall of fear.


How I learnt to see Big Dreams?

At the age of 19, I was introduced with a business model which possesses the potential to fulfil all our biggest dreams. Being a student and getting such an eye catchy opportunity, it became a turning point in my life.

Through the help of this business model I saw many teenagers/college students were earning huge money through the help of which they can fulfil all their big dreams as a student.

They were gifting their parents luxury cars of 10 Lakhs and apartments of more than 20 Lakh and that is also at the age of 18-23 only. This business model is none other than Direct Selling or Network Marketing which is also known as Multi Level Marketing.

Gradually I learnt the deeper meaning of this business model that is to become entrepreneur, to earn residual income in a continuous basis. Personal development is to be your ultimate gift for pursuing this business model for a very long term.

From direct selling, from network marketing, from MLM top class/level meetings I learnt to set goal of life and only after setting particular goal we can way to a particular direction in the long run.



Meanwhile my entry in Stock Market :

A new name I heard at the age of 20. I didn’t have any idea about it. I just heard the term Stock Market from a very successful person in the Direct Selling Industry.

I asked the question to myself  what is stock market,why he is putting money in stock market? What will happen after putting money there? Though he is earning very huge money from the existing MLM.

I thought again and again and finally I got the answer from a lesson when I came to know about creating multiple source of income and the importance of creating multiple source of income now a days.

I took the subject Stock Market a bit seriously and gradually It became one of my passion. I used to stick to CNBC TV-18 almost everyday. Tried to learn the best out of it.

I started to enjoy the stock market learning as part of my part time income source. It taught me many things from last 8 years.

  • How to avoid loss with proper guidance of experts in this industry?
  • Why to invest in learning before investing in stock market?
  • Why to read books of stock market for a very bright career?
  • Why to keep stock market as side income source?
  • How to make this phenomenal process as ultimate passive income source?

How I failed and restarted with what was possible at that point in time :

From a call centre agent to a blogger :

Since mobile phones used to be the hot topic of our discussion amongst friends circle I got a job in a call centre/BPO gradually I became a technical support associate where my role was to give support to the customers with internet settings in their handsets and in desktop through modem and data cable. Gradually all those concepts are in continuous obsolete mode after the great success of android operating system.

Time goes on. Gradually I moved on and switched to another industry (where I got another hope to recall those big dreams which are yet not fulfilled. the desire for which I was eager to) that is directly related to the sales of feature phones, smart phones and tablets.

The journey was from The Mobile Store to Reliance digital Xpress mini to HP Tablet to Samsung Experienced Consultant in mobile sales.

Here the most important thing is that all the time I somehow I was related to the telecom Industry, mobile and the internet world. Gradually I came to know the power of internet and started applying that.

By applying that immense power of internet I am now helping common people like me who want to start their own business and want massive success in life and small business. I am helping all these people by letting them know what I have learnt from my own experiences and sharing those experiences with them so that they can accomplish their goals in life within a lesser time than that of mine.

That’s how SketchMeOut was born.

During this period I could hardly forget about all of my dreams, rather bigger dreams for a single day. And that is none other than to have Financial Freedom.

The strong determination and the thirst to become very wealthy very affluent never stopped somewhere inside me. It always worked as catalyst to accept challenges to overcome various obstacles. The core desire to become financially free and earn passive income never got distracted from my mind (where ever I was and whatever my situation was or whatever work I was doing).

I had a very long term vision and I was finding solutions one by one as I continuously working to solve all those obstacles in my life that I already faced. At that point in time I had only two weapons confidence and excitement. I did not give up hope for a single day.


Here I would like to mention about law of attraction, as I was continuously giving my efforts towards the solutions, I believed in the current situation of mine and find solutions from the successful people rather than blaming about my luck, failure and what I was lacking of at that point in time.

I believed in the principle “if I go on doing the same thing again and again and expect to produce better result that can fulfil my big dreams” that is never going to happen. I tried to match the frequency of success as the logic says success finds success.

I started to read the bestseller books of successful people and believe me I found no one who was successful without struggling, without big dreams. All the successful people faced challenges but their strong determination to fulfil their big dreams and perseverance helped them to accomplish their Goals in life.


          Going forward I started to believe and do remember the quote that is “you start with what is necessary then what is possible, suddenly you will see that you are doing the impossible.”

            The same thing happened with me. I discovered (so many doors) many ways of fortune that are knocking at my door. Before reaching this much level of achievement I had to overcome or better to say, I had to go through all the way I walked.


Earlier I had listened about “long term success.”

During this time I became practically experienced of long term success having a clear direction towards my long term goal, towards my big dream that is to become financially free, to generate constant passive income, to have time freedom, to have peace of mind, spend some quality time with family and friends above all a good health so that we can live our dream life to the fullest each and every moment.

            Meanwhile, I met with many people who are like me, (including my colleagues and friends), who are struggling everyday without any proper direction, without any goal.

         Then I decided why not share my own journey with them and help them by sharing the things, lessons that I learnt during this journey, the way I didn’t give up hope for a single day.

The auspicious teaching technique of nature by pushing you to face the reality of life to face the failure and then become experienced and avoid mistakes or learn from successful people and accomplish your goal of fulfilling all your big dreams and realise what is success that you believe.


To become such an industry leader who can easily share the concept of earning huge money from MLM and put that money into STOCK MARKET and thus keep the passive income flow continuous.


To reach 1000 like minded people and help them fulfil their big dreams at a young age within the year 2020.

That’s it for now. Hope to see you again some other time.