Searching for FREE Better Demat Account?

Hi! My name is Mithun Samanta and I have 8 years of experience in stock market. I have created a CRAZY promotion system where I associate retail investors as a mentor to take their first step into the stock market.

Over the years I have helped many people to open their Stock Market Account, in Kolkata and suburbians with leading broker house.

If you are searching for a Better Demat or Best Free Demat account in Kolkata or suburbians, here you are getting the same today along with Bonus Access to “Learn Stock Market” Forum.

Let me ask you a question, is this the only need of having a Demat? Or the trading support system that is associated with it?

Here is a list of things you are getting when you sign up :

  • Are you confused about putting buy and sell orders? Don’t worry; we will allow a relationship manager for you who takes care of all your financial needs and help you by placing your Buy and Sell orders on behalf of you
  • Not only that, you will have the option to call FREE of cost from your mobile to place your buying or selling orders from anywhere in the country
  • We offer a wide range of research-based investment advice
  • Best in quality and minimum brokerage charges
  • Bonus Access to “Learn Stock Market Forum” where you will learn the stock market basics for FREE.
Today I will provide you not only the Free Demat but the Best Demat account that I personally opened in the year 2009.
Let me tell you a bit about my journey:
     I was in the same place where you are today, what you are thinking today. I was in search of a person who could provide me support by opening the demat account and guide me in my initial days of Stock Market.
     In the meantime, I got a 15-minute program in FM back in early 2009. I became a regular listener of the program. I listened to many individuals’ phone calls having many queries related to Indian Stock Market. And the Host of the program used to talk in a very efficient manner with his expertise in Stocks.
     Meanwhile, I met with a friend of a friend of mine having a Stock Market Account. I asked him how to start, I came to know it is not only Demat it needs a trading account as well through the help of which you will place the Buy or Sell orders. Then with his helping hands and basic guidelines I opened my Demat Account.
     Gradually I came to know about CNBC TV-18 news channel. I used to stick to that TV channel almost 10-12 Hrs every day. Thus quarreling with my sisters with their TV Serials and my business news channels. Internet was not there with me for all the time at that point in time to see the share price.
     The continuous learning towards Stock Market and Passive Income helped me gaining more access and authority on how to avoid loss and earn passive income continuously in the stock market.
     I was blessed that I got the Demat of Sharekhan Ltd. I am still grateful to that friend of friend cum my big brother who introduced me to the Stock Market Account.
     Realizing those days of mine I started helping people by opening their Demats from the year 2010. With my guidance since last seven years, people are able to come to a right broker house to open their account and best resources to learn value investing that can generate passive income for the lifetime.


Mithun Samanta